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Calling all Health Enthusiast Looking for Ways to Progress Your Health Naturally!

Finally a way to improve your health with only 60 minutes a month.

Don't Get Caught Spending All Your Time Researching the Wrong Things

Do you live your everyday life focusing on ways to stay healthy? Do you look for different vitamins and supplements trying to keep your health priority? Do you spend hours researching what vitamins or supplements you should be taking to support your immune system, keep skin healthy, naturally boost your metabolism or overall just stay healthy? Then what you read next is exactly for you.

Who Are We and How Can We Help You?

We are Tiffany and Eric, owners of Anywhere Infusions. We are the ultimate health conscious couples who are always training for road races, in the gym, eating clean, and busy with the kids. As well as a local RN of 6 years and physician of 10+ years. We know how important the right vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can balance out your system. This is called preventative medicine, looking for ways to stay healthy so you do not end up taking multiple trips to urgent cares or emergency rooms. "All essential vitamins play important roles in the body such as digestion, vision, nerve function, and immune system support" (Intermountain Healthcare). Today the way food is processed majority of people do not get enough vitamins from their diet, which leaves many deficient in essential vitamins. Leading to undesirable symptoms. 


The Facts Behind Vitamins You Didn't Know

We provide customized Intravenous (IV) infusions which include a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is believed that absorption rates for oral vitamins / supplements are very low. Between 10%-50%, best 50% and this is for a healthy adult who has an optimal functioning digestive system. By Providing vitamins, minerals and amino acids by the IV route you do 3 things:

1. The vitamins can be customized 100% specific to your needs

2. You are absorbing significantly more 90%-100%

3.You do not have to guess what vitamins/supplements or doses you need, our staff will conduct a phone consult to find out specifically what your body needs, then make a custom IV bag specific for you

That leaves no more guessing for you and no more spending hours researching what vitamins/supplements you need and then hoping you chose the best option and dosing.

How Do You Only Spend 60 Minutes A Month?

To make it even more convenient... Anywhere Infusions comes to you. We know you live a busy lifestyle! So, we made ALL of our infusions 100% accessible to you WHEREVER you are. Sixty minutes a month is all you need to stay on top of your health.


IV Therapy is THE fastest way to deliver nutrients throughout the body because it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the blood stream. This results in 90%-100% absorption rate.

"The average emergency room visit cost in the United States is $1200-$1300."

The average cost for a customized IV infusion is $135

"The average wait time in the emergency department in the United States is 2 hours and 44 minutes"

An IV infusion is 60 minutes once a month.

Prevention Can Save You $$$

Here What our Clients Are Saying


Did You Know There Is A Lot More To It Than Just Giving An Infusion?

Not only do our staff (RN and physician) have the skills to make the IV process easy and stress free for you... They also went through schooling to understand the pathophysiology and processes of the body. 

How does this affect you?

We look at your past medical history aka get the "big picture" to see if the infusion option is going to work for you as well as be safe for you. it is much more than just giving a monthly infusion. It is crucial to look at other factors such as medical history, your current lifestyle, supplements and medications you are taking to ensure the infusion is 100% customized for you.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the best infusion customization to help you naturally stay in control of your health. HEALTH IS WEALTH!

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